Sometimes, I want to shout life is tragical and not fair.
It's so heartbreaking when I think of what happened at the end
to Neil and Mr. Keating.
They are adorable, affectionate, love to be free,
maybe were just too pure and fragile to survive the pressure from the reality.
They are loved by everynody. They did nothing wrong.
So how come it had to happen?
...Unfortunately, (I don't want to think that way, but) that is life.
This story is a fiction, but sounds so realistic to me.

One thing I have hope for is that the boys got stronger through this sad experience.
Education is not just giving useful knowledge and skills.
Humans are not machines. We have free souls. Nobody can enslave us.
Teachers' job is to help students to learn how to grow up without adults' hands.
In this respect, I think Mr. Keating had succeedd in instructing his boys
to get independent and stand up on their own feet.

"...Yes, you are okay. Nobody can steal your inner strength.
Everything is gonna be okay. Don't despair."
I couldn't help talking to them in my heart.
Now that I've become much older than the boys, I'm able to tell that.

There are many things you cannot understand or cannot forgive in life.
But we have strengh to face the sorrow, overcome despair,
and stand up for what is truely important to you.

One of the greatest masterpieces.

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