Actually, I read this book 2 years ago
because my friend recommended it to me.
Besides, I am a big fan of the author Nicholas Sparks,
who's also famous for "A Walk to Remember" and "The Letters".
Especially "A Walk to Remember" is one of my favorite.

 Also, I read a review on a cinema titled "最後の初恋"
(meaning "The Final First-Love" in Japanese)
written by some of my mixi friends.
 I think that movie is originated from "The Night in Rodante",
because the story sounds very similar.

 Since the original novel is very impressive one,
I'd like to see the cinema too!!

 Let me introduce my book review here.


 There is a famous maxim(proveb?) saying,

"Good things and bad things happen to you equally."
which probably means, God is fair to everybody.

 Whenever I feel depressed or feel myself like a loser,
I always tell so to my mind.

 Joy and sorrow.
 Gain and loss.
 Light and shadow.
 There are two sides to everything in our life.

 We fall in love with somebody.
Once they are here, we are happy together, and then they are gone.
 The reallity seems cruel to us.

 Something we can touch is not everlasting.
Once we've lost it, we realize how precious it is for the first time.

 However, what about our memory? Our strength?
Our bravery? Or our love in your heart?
 No matter what happens, nobody can steal those invisible things.
No matter how painful it seemed, the heartache is ours,
and it stays with us to remind us what we live for,
or what is the most important for us.

 In this story, you can taste the magic moment
when two wounded souls recognize each other.
When we remove the layers we construct to protect ourselves,
we can touch the true, essential self of each other.
If we have those moments in our life, that is the most beautiful thing in the world,
so how can we say life is tragic?

 Life is like tapestry. Happy moments and sad moments,
everything is woven into one pattern to make itself more and more beautiful.
 Adrienne and Paul, both have hard time in their life,
they were deeply hurt.
But they never look away from their sorrow.
They try to swallow the sad moments, cry in their heart,
and try to live for the future.
 I want to be brave like them =)

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