Whenever I read this chronicle, I cannot believe that it is categorized as a juvenile literature.
Though knowing it is super-popular among young kids worldwide, the imaginary world described here
is the vivid reflection of the real human world!!

 For example, our human life is filled with conservative, inflexible rules.
People call it a tradition, sometimes being trapped, feel restrained by its stupidity.
On the other hand, there are also those who try to find out the loopholes to get away from it,
using their humor sense and wits

 Or, there are others who are brave enough to try to sacrifice themselves in order to save their friends...

 In the saga of "Darren Shan", each character is realistic, symbolizing the real existing person.
I cannot stop admiring them.

 Meanwhile, I felt pretty scared of a person like Kurda, who looked like a nice person in the beginning,
turns out to be a man with a quite dangerous idea.
He is a typical extremist, who thinks that "just a little sacrifice" cannot be helped i
n order to make his ideal come true.
He doesn't hesitate to kill one of his friends, and that makes Darren furious.
Of course, Darren doesn't yeild to him, and turns down Kurda's excuse.
No matter what superficial idealistic matters Kurda says, Darren is able to see through something phony
in it.
 I'm an adult so I know what Kurda says is wrong, and the history has also proved that,
but Darren knows it by instinct.
Bravery to save and protect your friends...that is the most noble act of vampires in his world.
 Well then, he is a born vampire, isn't he?? I'm proud of him for that.

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