Quite sophisticated, interesting film, with a deep strong message.
I like it a lot.

The theme of the story is "misunderstanding",
just like the episode from "the Tower of Babel" in Old Testament.

A little village in Morocco, San Diego in USA, Tijiana in Mexico,
Tokyo in Japan...The four worlds have totally different cultures,
but connected to each other in a complicated way.
(Well, that's what the Bible is trying to say; All the people are brothers.)

Some characters experience the cutural differences,
and that is one of the main point, I think.
For example, the two American children(Cocasian) coming to Mexico.
First, they look scared of everything new, but after a while,
they adapt themselves and seem okay.

On the other hand, the American couple(the children's parents, Cocasian) go on a trip to Morocco.
Even an interpreter cannot always translate everything perfectly.
When you cannot understand what other people are speaking,
you get more and more anxious and frustrated.
That leads to tragedy.
Here is a lesson it gives us; Language is not everything,
but it can give a huge influence on you mentally.

And, even if you live in your native country,
you cannot always communicate with other people perfectly,
like Chieko(acted by Rinko Kikuchi), who is a hearing-impaired high schol girl.
She lost her Mom, lives with her Dad in a big luxurious flat,
which makes her look more alone.
Like a typical teenager, she cannot express herself, and always irritated.
We live in Tokyo, the city of advanced civilization,
flooded with abundant of means of communication,
and still, we aren't satisfied. Why not?

Sometimes, it's difficult for you to understand other people's words,
even if they are talking in your mother tongue!!

I have a lot more things to write, but it makes me feel confused
Let me write down one important thing.

There was a scene in which the American guy(acted by Brad Pitt)
tries to pay money to the Moroccan tour guide,
who helped him with interpretation and did everything to rescue his wife.
It was soooooooooo disgusting to see what he's doing!!!!!
I got furious at the moment.
"The wealthy, kind Cocasian man donates money to the poor Moroccan man"...
Well, it's not beautiful at all. I really hate the guy.
Cannot stand that kind of snobbish arrogant stupid American guy any more.
Fed up!!

In addition, it's not fair that Cocasians and Minority people are treated totally in a different way.
I have to say "it can't be helped" to talk about the Mexican baby-sitter
woman, who stayed in USA illegally. She looks like a kind-hearted affectionate woman, but you have to keep rules...

But, what about the innocent Moroccan people?
It's so heartbreaking to watch them being hit and abused by the (French?) police, even though they did nothing wrong.
So, who decided that Cocasians are superior to Minority people?
It always makes me disgusted!!

And, the world of Japan was described as a very peculiar world in the film.
It doesn't look like "the majority" side, nor the "minority" side,
but it looks just peculiar and neutral.
Actually, I thought for a moment that the Japan scene is not necessary
in this movie(of course, I'm not telling that the Japan episode is boring!
On the contrary, I was attracted by it!!)
But the scenes in Japan has made the movie more urbane and stylish!!

Still have a lot more things to talk about...But I have to stop here now.
See you☆

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 “宮 ~Love in Palace~”

 洋画では“Legally Blonde”のブッ飛びさ加減が、ちょうどこんな感じかも(笑)
そのまま“Pretty Princess”にも当てはまるかもしれない。







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